Hey Hygge Fam!

We are super excited for what the new year will bring and to be a huge part of your health and fitness journey in 2020.  We really feel like we are hitting our stride as we wrap up 2019 and can’t wait to continue to give you guys an amazing class experience every time you walk in the gym.  I wanted to send out this announcement to go over some changes that we will be putting into place with the new year.

The first change has to do with classes and class sizes.  We are constantly trying to create a delicate balance of keeping a low coach to member ratio to ensure the best possible class experience against the convenience of getting in your workout when you want to.  We have been running a class cap for each class and requiring everyone to reserve their spot in class but our enforcement has been non-existent so it has not really worked to keep that proper ratio in each class.

To change this we will be implementing two simple rules.

The first is that if you do not reserve your spot for a class that is full or if you are on the wait list, you will not be able to workout in class.  Please understand that none of us want to tell someone they can’t workout in a class, however we know it is important for each individuals class experience and we will have to ask you to wait for the next class.  If you have to wait for the next class, you are more than welcome to do extra work before the next class and then take class however you cannot just do your own thing and then leave.  Note: If you are on the wait list, please do not just show up to the gym to see if you can get in class.  Our next rule should fix the issue of people reserving for class and not showing up.

The second rule is that you must cancel your spot on the wait list if you are not coming into class by 20 minutes before class.  This will give anyone on the wait list  enough time to find out they can come to class and drive to the gym.  Once it is within 20 minutes of class, the spots will be locked in for the class.  If you reserve your spot for a class but do not show up and the class is full, you will be charged $10.  This is because you will have taken a spot from someone who could have worked out in this class.  If you believe you have a special circumstance that you need to discuss, please feel free to email me at tommy@hygge.fit and we can talk about it.

Right now, classes rarely hit the cap and the classes that fill up are all at Mount Laurel.  We have been monitoring our class schedules for the last 6 months and have found 4 classes that are most likely to cap.  To help solve that issue, we will be adding 4 new classes to our schedule starting January 6th .  These new class times will be:

Monday 12:15 PM
Monday 5:45 PM
Tuesday 5:45 PM
Friday 12:15 PM

These 4 new classes will be set up on the secondary side of the Mount Laurel gym and have a cap of 14 people.  These classes will be 45 minutes long and have completely separate programming from the full hour classes (this is by design so we do not have equipment overlap).  The class will include a strength and workout on each day and will be a well rounded class each time you come in the gym in 45 minutes.  We will be beta testing these classes for January and then re-evaluate if we want to make any changes from there.

We also will be temporarily raising our Sunday cap at Mount Laurel to 20 people for the 9 and 10 AM session for January.  This is just a temporary fix until we can figure out what class time we need to add and make sure we have the coaching capacity to fill it.

At Mount Laurel, we will also be putting a wall up to separate the 3rd section (where the platforms, bikes, and GHDs currently are).  This will give us a private space for our kids class, personal training, and specialty classes.  If the third section is not being used for a class, you are more then welcome to use it for extra work as well.  This work will be done in the beginning of January so bear with us as we get that put together and finish the wood on the front wall over the next few weeks.

The 4 new class times will begin January 6.  We are going to have a grace period for reserving for class and not cancelling out your reservations until January 19th.  This will give us a couple of weeks to make sure we have our class schedule filled out to cover our members needs and allow everyone to get used to reserving for class.  After January 19th, we will be strictly following the rules to ensure every class is a great experience for you.

Please understand that we do not take these changes lightly but our #1 goal is the best workout experience possible, every single time you walk in the door.  We believe that these changes are fair and really important to ensuring we have the best experience in town.

We hope that everyone has an amazing close to their 2019.  We had a blast with our holiday workouts and bingo during the month of December.  We know January is all about new year, new you so we are going to put the focus on nutrition and helping you to start the first month of the new year off right!