We have all been there.  We see a workout on the board and think “this looks easy!”  Next thing you know you’re 12 minutes in, halfway done, and dying.

To help you get a feel for timing mid workout here are some timing hacks for normal rep schemes.  These won’t be a perfect in all cases but are a good rule of thumb to use.

3 and 5 Rounds workouts – You are usually about halfway done (in time) when you finish the 2nd round for a 3 round workout or the third round for a 5 round workout.

10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 – You are actually past the halfway point in reps when you finish the 7s even though you have a lot of “rounds” left.

Increasing rep schemes like 3,6,9,12,15,18 – This isn’t a timing hack.  But when you go through the 3,6,9 reps – take longer breaks in between sets and break up the 9 reps.  The hard part of these workouts is when you get into the bigger numbers – you are actually better off getting there with a little less time but feeling fresher.

Long AMRAPs – You usually want to find a pace you can maintain for the whole AMRAP and then ramp up the speed a little at these marks – halfway, 5 minutes left, and then 90 seconds left.  It is better to come out slow and speed up then the other way.

Reverse Order Days – treat these workouts as a sustained effort.  Aim to push at 75% intensity for the whole duration of the workout.  This will leave you ready to go crush the lift afterwards.

21, 15, 9 –  This workout is all about the 15s.  9 is usually small enough to do even when you are shot and you are fresh for the 21s.  Try to take the rest you need between the 21s and 15s to do them in as few sets as possible.  You can also empty the tank on the 15s as you will be able to handle the 9 reps even tired.

12 Days of Christmas – Just enjoy it!  It’s long and a lot of reps – don’t even have a strategy going in – just move and have fun!

What is your favorite rep scheme?  I love the workouts like today that are complete a certain amount of work but you have to stop every minute to do something.  It brings a lot of strategy and thinking into the workout which I find fun to work through.