I know I got you guys all worked up about dicks and dry humping yesterday so I wanted to bring it back to working out and nutrition today.

Today is just a friendly reminder to EAT YO VEGGIES!

We have a lot of people who start paying attention to their nutrition with macros and it works great especially for body composition improvements.  A common trap for macros though is to cut out your vegetable intake because they are very low in calories and macronutrients (protein, carbs, and fat).  Also lets be honest, they don’t necessarily taste as good as sugar and bread.  However, while you may get the physical changes you want, you will end up unhealthy on the inside.  Or as my favorite chinese saying goes you’ll be “shiny on the outside, just like donkey dung.”  Fine, I’ll admit I just googled that.

So whether you are just trying to eat healthier or counting your macros, start eating more veggies for these 3 reasons.

  1.  Increases the amount of food you can eat.  If you are always hungry then eating more veggies will fill that gap – since they are low in calories you can eat a ton of veggies, get real full, without the negative affects of eating too much.
  2. Veggies reduce inflammation.  They also help to lower your risk for heart attack, heart disease, stroke, and keep your blood pressure low.
  3. Veggies protect against cancer.

Those are just the big 3.  I didn’t even get into how they help you eyesight, increase your ability to heal cuts and wounds, helps you poop, helps your teeth and gums, and protects against infection.

So this holiday season where the cookies and alcohol tend to creep in, make sure you don’t forget to EAT YO VEGGIES!  Here are 3 easy ways to sneak in some vegetables:

  1.  Make a salad – buy a box of spring mix, throw it in a bowl, put some olive oil and balsamic on it, and eat.
  2.  If you eat eggs, cut up your favorite veggies and put them in an omelet.
  3. I have been eating a lot of rainbow chard lately.  You can buy a bunch of it for a couple of bucks.  Chop it up, throw it in a pan with some olive oil and cook it down.  Halfway through, throw salt and lemon juice on it.  This one is really easy to eat with your protein or mix it with your rice.

Go eat your greens!