I woke up this morning to this article – https://morningchalkup.com/2019/12/04/judge-awards-nearly-4-million-to-crossfit-in-legal-fees/?fbclid=IwAR3aDz4ba2gU0m7-zvOCiqWvKNiswLS1H8lCFPvzeZsPU0INkJb1K6ZARbU.  Long story short the National Strength and Conditioning Association made up studies to show Crossfit was dangerous and was caught.  This is great on one hand because that myth about Crossfit being dangerous is dying.  We have helped thousands of people get stronger, healthier, and come back from injuries.  In the past few years we have been able to start our initial conversation with a new member by asking “what are your goals?”  Instead of having to spend 5 minutes talking about all the things we do to keep you safe and healthy.

One big thing stood out in the article however.  Crossfit had to shell out nearly 4 million dollars in legal fees to fight this (before getting reimbursed which is no sure thing until it is).  There are a lot of companies who would have said it was not worth the fight or simply couldn’t afford it.  Also the NSCA was putting out information that helped their position – which is common now as you can get your information out quickly on the internet and reach a ton of people.

This all got me thinking about the latest nutrition documentary/video that is going around that people are starting to watch – “Game Changers.”

I am not writing this to say vegan is good or bad.  Or that you should definitely be eating more meat or more plants.

All I am suggesting is that if you are looking to make a meaningful change in something – your nutrition, a new field of work, a new hobby.  Then make it a habit to study and take in information from multiple sources.  I would also suggest making sure you read a source that is reinforcing your position and one that is on the other side.  It is important to be able to read a dissenting opinion to yours and understand what they are saying and why they believe it.  The people who get stuck in their ways are the ones who live in their echo chamber and ignore anyone who doesn’t agree with them.  While the dissenting opinion may not change your believes, you can learn a lot by taking in more perspectives.

One shortcut to studying this information is to find trusted people to learn from.  This will speed up your ability to take in the information because it can be more personalized to what you are looking for.  Just make sure you are still getting both ends of the spectrum.

We go to school until our early 20s and then get into this mindset that learning has ended and now the real world starts.  The most successful people instead choose to always be a student and learn about new things.  A decade ago, learning involved going to the library or tracking down experts (and calling them on a landline!).  Now we have the ability to open our phone and search for information and we can email knowledgeable people to learn more about specific things.  Take advantage of this!

On the nutrition side.  I believe that plants should be a huge part of your diet and that most of us need to be eating way more than we are.  I also believe in sticking to real unprocessed food for the majority of our food intake – fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and meat/fish.