I am sure you have all heard the story about how some famous rich person wears the same thing every day (was it Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs?  it doesn’t matter).  The thought process for this is simple, you can only make so many decisions in a day because decisions take energy.  Therefore, you should reduce the simple decisions so you have more time for big decisions.  I don’t know how much I fully buy into this.  Let’s be honest – there is something nice about not having to keep up with trends or style and just being able to say its a life hack to make you smarter.

However, I have found a similar tactic that I was doing without even thinking about it.  When I did this thing, my nutrition was better, I wasted less of my free time, and I am more productive.

I eat the same thing for breakfast everyday.

The reason this seems so powerful for me is because it is the start of my day.  How many times does your day start off wrong and next thing you know, it is 2 PM and you have done nothing productive other then show up?  Eating the same breakfast everyday creates a habit that has to go right.  Here are some things it does and why its effective:

Nothing is worse then waking up and not having any food for breakfast.  If you eat the same thing everyday, you know exactly what you need for breakfast.  When I go food shopping, I make sure I have enough for 4 breakfasts and I am good to go (I usually do a big trip on Sundays and a smaller trip for things that go bad on Thursdays).

I think eating the same breakfast has the same affect as making your bed everyday.  It gets you into a mindset where you already accomplished one thing for the day and puts you in a productive mindset.  Now I don’t make my bed, so I will stick to the breakfast thing.  Cooking and eating the same breakfast as the very first thing in the morning seems to be the most effective.  But I have found that it really helps on days where I don’t have as set of a schedule – like Sunday where I can sleep in a little or don’t have to get right to work.  Breakfast becomes the official start to my productive self.  This allows me to take my time and be lazy and then when I am ready to go – eat breakfast and officially start my day.

Breakfast sets the tone for the rest of your nutrition.  One of the worst things you can do to eat healthy is skip breakfast.  It will just create a ravenous monster at 1 PM who will eat anything they can find.  I also modify my breakfast based on what I need – for example I know I wasn’t eating enough carbs throughout the day so I recently added a lot more carbs to my breakfast.  It is easy for me to adjust my breakfast to fit the needs of my later meals which usually have more variables to them such as eating out or packing lunch to eat at the gym.

I know this idea may seem silly but its really effective.  If you don’t like eating the same thing everyday, then pick a breakfast and eat it for the whole week then change it.  I don’t mind eating the same thing for months and I find the repetition of cooking the same meal each morning to be part of the enjoyable breakfast. The mindset shift this small habit creates is really worth it.

Right now my breakfast every morning is a 3 egg omelet with onions and kale and 2 plantains cooked in coconut oil.