In the honeymoon stage of Crossfit, you get to PR everytime you do a movement.  The first 1-2 years are amazing because it is this upward trajectory of improvement every single day.

It also becomes a trap.  We are able to track and see our improvement in real time and it is really fast.  We get addicted to the feeling of seeing our numbers improve and we lose sight of why we started training in the first place.  Then as those first 2 years go by and the PR’s stop coming as often and easy, we think something is wrong.  Our usual response is to do more or try harder, which works!  But only for a short time.

We believe that it is a good thing that the PR’s slow down.  It allows you to stop focusing on the numbers and start focusing on yourself.  Are you doing the lifts correctly?  What muscles do you feel when you do each lift?  And when you do get that next PR – you will remember it and celebrate it because you worked damn hard for it.

But the only reason you will get that PR is if you learn to slow down and enjoy the process.  Too often we focus on the results and getting them as fast as possible.  When the more enjoyable way is to be present in the moment, enjoy what you are doing, and slow down and learn.

We have learned from our data and surveys that people feel like they get less value in the 2-3 year point.  But the members in the 1-2 and 3+ year points feel like they receive amazing value at the gym.  This is because the 1-2 year group is still PRing and improving all the time, but what about the 3+ year people?  These are the members that have become true students.  They have learned to enjoy the process of getting better.  They also are willing to do the little things it takes to improve – slow down and focus on the smaller things that make up the big picture.

What would happen if we never recorded any data from the beginning?  Would the people in their first 2 years struggle because they don’t get that constant PR dopamine hit while they are building a workout habit?  Or would they learn to focus on the process sooner and not have that year 2-3 dip because they would learn to enjoy the ride sooner?