This is week 2 where I talk about getting back to a consistent workout schedule again and enjoying it!  If you missed week 1, click here. 

A big thank you to everyone who read my post last week and said it was really helpful for them.  I am trying to kill 2 birds with 1 stone here – share and document as I get back to making workout a habit and work on writing, especially writing about myself.  I just really hate talking about myself or hearing about myself.  If you want to see me get really awkward, just give me a few compliments and watch as I try to wiggle my way out of the conversation.

My main goal for last week was to workout 4 days in the week and I worked out 4.5 times!  Oh, you want to know how I got half a workout in?  Remember how I said that the level method was helping me ease back in and slow down?  That is definitely working but sometimes I get a little too excited and ignore it.  On Wednesday, I was already really sore and went back and forth trying to decide if I should take the day off.  The workout was Annie (jump rope and situps) and I wanted to do it so I came up with the plan to go nice and slow and just finish it.  The slowest time to finish on the map is 10:30 so I was going to move at a consistent pace finish it around that time.  At least that was the plan initially.

I did my first 50 jumps unbroken and they felt great.  Then I got through my first 20 situps and they also felt great.  Then my brain switched from finishing in 10 minutes to “lets crush this” and “you are the best”!!!  I finished my 50 situps and my abs started cramping like crazy.  I pushed through 40 more jumps and then I got stuck in an awkward position between standing and hunched over.  I felt pretty embarrassed but all I could do is laugh at myself and walk around for 5 minutes until the cramping passed.  So thats how you get half a workout and a quick reminder that my original plan would have been much more enjoyable!

My second goal was to eat well on the weekend.  The last few weekends, I have run out of protein from the week and noticed that was a big reason why I would skip meals.  I just didn’t want to take the time to sit down and cook a full meal from scratch.  To help with this, on Thursday I cooked up 4 pounds of chicken breasts for the weekend.  It worked for Friday because I wanted to grab food out but instead went home and threw together a meal I had already cooked and just had to heat up.  Then I feel apart on Saturday and Sunday – what ya gonna do?  My biggest hurdle right now is just wanting to do a lot on the weekends, so I need to figure out how to have food ready (or plan out breaks to make that happen).

One random thing I am super excited about is I found this plant lightbox on Saturday!  I have been wanting plants in the lobby for a long time but I know that would require moving them outside everyday or more than likely I would just kill them.  I think this lightbox solves all my problems and looks awesome!  Next time you are in, check out my little cacti!  I will probably still kill them in a week as keeping plants alive has never been my strong suit.

All in all, I really enjoyed working out last week.  The biggest benefit so far has been mentally (it’s still a little early for physical changes).  I feel more energized and sociable throughout the day.  I am going to keep my same 2 goals for this week because I want to get back to back weeks of consistent workouts in and honestly, I still sucked at eating enough on the weekends.

Goals for this week:
4 Workouts in the Week
Eat good on the weekends (more than 2500 cals)

For this week, it would be helpful if you share your tips about how you approach a workout day to day?  From years in the past, I have found that the times I get burned out are usually when I am trying optimize every workout and get the best score possible every day.  How do you decide how to approach each workout?