With the Open and Assessment weeks over, it is time for a new cycle! With the new cycle comes two focal points. The focus of the cycle will be deadlift, double unders and situps. We are focusing a good amount on building a strong structure – that six pack is under there somewhere! 

Here is a breakdown of what the week will include for strengths:

Lower Body Pulling – One day a week of deadlifts (touch and go as well as single/reset days) alternated with sumo deadlift.

Lower Body Pushing – One day a week of back squat (these will be percentage based) and one day a week front squat.

Upper Body Pulling – One day a week that will include vertical (pull-ups) and horizontal (barbell bent over rows, DB rows) pulling and supplemental lifts that will help build strong lats to help our deadlifts. There will also be skill-based puling days (for example a kipping or butterfly pullup) rotated during the cycle. There will be lots of variety to build strength!

Upper Body Pushing – One day a week that will include vertical pressing (strict press, push press) and horizontal pressing (bench, DB bench). This may also be a skill day for movements such as handstand pushups and dips.

Weightlifting – One day focused on snatch and one day focused on clean or clean and jerk. We will do a variety of positions and complexes to work on our technique.

One theme of this upcoming cycle is variety. The goal is to keep things fresh and interesting for you! Instead of anchoring strength days – for example, squatting on Monday and Friday, Deadlifting on Wednesday, etc. – we decided to rotate strengths. There are a few reasons for this. One is that not everyone can commit to specific days of the week based on their schedule. If you can only come on Tuesday, you may miss squatting if we anchor it on Monday. Another benefit to this is that it can be less mentally draining to have this kind of variety. We want you excited to come in and train, not dread certain days! 

For our workouts we will continue to add variety to the WODs in terms of duration, stimulus and movements. The goal is always to provide a complete workout every time you come in. There will be some days that have a shorter strength and longer WOD; other days will have a longer strength and shorter WOD. With the workout focus being Neuromuscular and Core Endurance, that means you will definitely see double unders and midline. We will have one workout a week with single or double unders, and as well a skill warm up to practice. This means that there will be plenty of chances to work on getting your first double under, work on your efficiency, and even get triple unders. For our mindline focus, we will do more than just ab-mat situps – the goal is to strengthen the core by using different planes of movement (not just forward and backward) and as well static holds. This midline work will also benefit our deadlift focus. Having better awareness of how to brace and what muscles to feel while bracing can tremendously help your other movements!

We will reassess only a few components of the Level Method map every cycle. There will be plenty of chances to “Level up” throughout the cycle, and at the end of the 10 weeks we will reassess the main focal points of that cycle. 

The final focus of this cycle will be shoulder health. The goal with warm ups is always to generally increase heart rate, get your blood moving and body moving and ready for what we have coming up in class. A good warm up is also great injury prevention. We decided to add in theraband exercises to bring a focus to shoulder health during this upcoming cycle. This may help some who are dealing with nagging shoulder issues, and hopefully prevent any new ones. We will use the bands 2-3 times a week, and there will be a few “series” that we repeat. This way you can come in and do these warm ups on your own, as some of you already do with the crossover symmetry. Another goal with the warm up is to activate and bring awareness to the muscles you will be using during the class. It is not just what you do, it’s how you do it! 

It’s going to be a fun cycle, full of variety with our lifts as well as our WODs. We are always trying to improve on what we do and offer the best to you. This should be the best hour of your day, so that you can tackle all that life brings outside of the gym!