Whenever I tell people that I own a gym, they always say “well it’s easy for you to workout!”  and that has always been true for me.  I started Crossfit back in 2007 while I was still in college and working out has always been a consistent thing for me since then.  Even after I opened my gym almost 9 years ago and was working 12+ hour days,  I still made sure to get an hour in to workout.  My mom would always compliment how I always blocked out the 1 hour to myself – even when the days were crazy or if it required giving up some time doing something else.

Then over the last 2 years, I have been lucky if I workout 8 times in a month.  I always start out with the best of intentions but each month I would look back and see that I gained zero momentum.  So what has changed?  About two and a half years ago I had surgery on my hip due to some funky bone structure.  That surgery really set me down a weird path.  Before the surgery, I had a love for competing in local competitions and pushing myself in my workouts.  My WHY was self improvement and that drove everything for me – my nutrition, working out, and even taking care of myself with things like drinking enough water, not drinking a ton of alcohol, and sleep.  The surgery came with a 2 year window for full recovery which definitely completely shut down my why.  I found myself feeling like working out was a waste of time for me and if I am not working out consistently, then why even bother eating right?

This has created a cycle where I just have had no desire to get back to a consistent workout schedule or eating clean and it has been really interesting to see how it has affected me.  Physically, I am weaker than I have been in a long time.  Also, I have been sick more often over the last 2 years, have much lower energy throughout the day, and my skin has been worse.  On the mental side, I definitely have had lower lows than usual and can find myself in funks a little more often.

In the last 2 weeks, I really sat down and took stock of how I was feeling and where I was at mentally.  One thing I did realize is that being so consistent and dedicated to my nutrition and workouts for so many years sometimes made it hard to relate to someone who was struggling with commitment and motivation.  In some ways the last few years have been a positive because I have been struggling with those things.  I decided I wanted to put together a blog to share my journey to get back to working out consistently.  Once a week, I want to give a recap for the previous week, some of my goals and focuses, as well as some of my failures.  I hope that his becomes useful for someone else trying to get back into the swing of things.

For my first post, I just want to share a check in with where I am at now.  I worked out 3 days last week!  Right now I am coaching on Saturday and Sunday so I have to prioritize getting in on the weekdays.  My nutrition is ON POINT but only on the weekdays so not really.  I don’t mind eating the same thing everyday so Monday through Thursday are perfect.  Then the weekend comes and I just skip meals.  Next thing I know it is 2 PM and I haven’t eaten all day and I am going out to eat as much food as possible to catch up.  Doh.

The levels have been great for getting me back into the swing of things.  Before the levels, I would come in on Monday and try to do what I used to do 3 years ago and I would actually be able to do it for a day.  Then I would be crippling sore for the next 3 days and barely be able to move the next time I came in.  This became a rinse and repeat cycle where I would basically work out hard on Monday, just get moving around on Wednesday, and then fall off the rest of the week.  To break that, I did all the level assessments at my current level and I have been using them to dictate what workout I do for the day.  Some days I am yellow, orange, or blue and I do whatever level my assessment says I am, even if I think I can do more.  This has allowed me to find small bright spots on each workout and stop worrying about where I used to be.  For now I am here and I am going to enjoy every little level up along the way!

I did level up both my running and deadlift on Friday last week.  The only reason I leveled up on my running was because I decided to try to hang with Jake B. for the first 400 meters.  After the first lap, I caught myself singing different songs about fire randomly and then realized my lungs were burning like crazy – I love how the mind works when you are truly zoning out.  I never saw Jake again and somehow managed to not walk the last 3 laps – I’ll take it!

The last thing I did for this week was I sat down and thought about my why.  It is still self improvement but how I get there has changed a little bit.  It used to be about lifting more weight, winning competitions (with Dana carrying me to the win!), and pushing myself as hard as possible.  Now self improvement to me is more about being healthy, moving well, and being confident in my body.  I usually hear more about body confidence from women than men – I think that is more of a societal pressure thing.  For me, I am naturally a skinny guy and I have much more confidence in myself when I put on some muscle and I think it’s cool to be open about that.

My Goals for this week:
4 Workouts
Eat at least 2500 calories all 7 days (AKA don’t fall apart on the weekend)

The hardest goal is going to be not falling apart on the weekend!  What are some tips and tricks you use to eat well on Saturday and Sunday??