I wanted to put together a blog post to talk about the level method 2.0, assessing, the level app, the open, and our in-house partner competition that are coming up over the next 6 weeks.

When you go in tomorrow, you will notice all brand new level maps are up.  We are actually the first gym to get our hands on the new maps!!  We have been coordinating with them on some improvements as they were getting ready to roll out the new maps, so they worked with us to get the maps in so we could start assessing next week.

The level method has been a huge improvement to our programming.  We always used to say that it’s about getting a little better everyday, not competing with those around you.  But with the level method, we are able to give you a snapshot of where you are and really force the focus on competing with yourself, not those around you.  We also have been able to offer more variety in our scaling options.  We didn’t expect this but offering a bunch of different options has also made people more receptive to scaling workouts to them when before no one wanted to be “different.”

So what’s different with the new map? 

First, there is now an app!  Just head to the app store on your phone and search for level method – then download the app!  You should have received an email with a link to change your password, sign out and then back in, and then you are good to go!  If you didn’t receive an email, it means you never made an account, so head over to levelmethod.com and make that happen!

Second, the map has been expanded.  When I talked with Level Method, they said 68% of people were orange.  This is a problem because the map is meant to help you progress and if everything is getting stuck in the 3rd color group, the jumps are too big.  To fix this, brown and black have been moved to red (and labeled as for competitors).  There is still a brown and now a full black that were used to put another 8 levels into the map.  With these levels they were able to add levels to common sticking points like getting a pull-up for females or the big strength jumps between colors to make them more reasonable.  They also removed those not tested sections and put scaling options in their place.  There were also a few other areas that they fixed – like creating two workouts for the API workout so everyone can get on the map (just getting on the map for that one was really hard!).

Third, they migrated all of your data over for you.  Some levels have changed (but none of your levels will have decreased, they either have stayed the same or gone up).  You don’t have to do anything as they have already made the change in-app for you.

What does this mean for you?  Honestly, not too much will change from what you have been doing.  We will be working to integrate the level method more into our class experience.  For now, get yourself set on the app and get in the habit of checking it before the class so you know what colors you are for the strength and workout of the day.  This new update will also allow us to look at a snapshot of where you are on your levels at your goal review meeting so that should allow us to give you advice on what to work on next.

The next 5 weeks and the in-house competition.

We just finished up our 10 week cycle where we focused on squat endurance and upper body push.  I hope your legs and arms are feeling stronger!  Over the next 5 weeks, we will be sprinkling in the 15 assessments on the map.  We know you will miss some of the assessments, don’t stress!  This is for the long haul and they will be coming around again.  If you are a planner, you can see the schedule for the assessments below.  We are not expecting you to level up on every single assessment!  The goal is simple to push yourself, find the areas where you improved and celebrate them, and then get back to work to keep improving.  You may even find that you get a lower score on some things and that’s completely normal.  There are so many variables to your performance and you won’t PR everytime.  Focus on the bright spots and celebrate them!

The next 5 weeks will also be the Crossfit open.  The Crossfit open is 5 weeks where Crossfit HQ puts out a weekly workout for the world to do and put in their score (and see where they landed on the leaderboard).  The main reason the open exists is to find the top athletes in the world to qualify for the Crossfit games.  You can find more information at games.crossfit.com.  Crossfit decided this year to move the open to October so this is actually the second open this year (it will be in October going forward).  We will be doing the open workout every Saturday for the next 5 weeks as part of class.  This open we are going to run it as a typical class – warm-up, strength, workout, cool-down.  We will have a lighter option for the strength for those focused on their open score.  We will not have anyone judging for each other in the class so if you want to do the workout and input your score either bring someone with you to class to judge or reach out to a coach a few days beforehand to come up with the best plan to get the workout judged.

We also will be having an in-house partner competition on November 16th.  Every year we have a blast with a fun competition.  The goal is to create a safe environment for you to step out of your comfort zone and compete.  This year we will be doing Female/Female and Male/Male teams!  The event will consist of 3 workouts and a costume theme!.  Start finding your partner now and we will have sign-up sheets set up in 2 weeks to signup.  Each location will have its own in-house competition – 8-11 AM at Mount Laurel and Cherry Hill, 8-10:30 AM at Medford.

We know we are tackling a lot over the next 6 weeks.  We have decided to put our focus primarily on the level assessments and the in-house competition.  We think the assessments will allow you to find and celebrate your improvements (and that’s what keeps you wanting to workout).  The in-house competition is always a great time to get everyone together.  It also allows us to create a safe space to push your comfort zones.  We still want to keep the open workouts a part of our programming but we hope by making it a regular class and working through the assessments at the same time, it just becomes a fun workout put out by HQ instead of making the workout bigger than it really is.

We can’t wait for the next 6 weeks.  If you have any questions, concerns, or compliments – feel free to email me at tommy@hygge.fit.

Level Assessment Schedule:
Week 1
Monday – Front Squat
Tuesday – API
Friday – Upper Body Push

Week 2
Monday – Weightlifting – Clean
Tuesday – Upper Body Pull
Wednesday – Push/Pull Endurance

Week 3
Monday – Squat Endurance
Tuesday – Rings
Wednesday – Row

Week 4
Wednesday – Kettlebell
Friday – Run

Week 5
Monday – Deadlift
Wednesday – Lactic Tolerance
Friday – Neurological and Core Endurance