What’s up party people?  I hope everyone is having a great summer so far!  Tomorrow will be 4th of July, so I hope you come in and tackle the hero workout we have planned and then make sure to spend time with those that are close to you (hopefully with a pool or ocean nearby as it’s going to be hot).

We feel like we really have hit our groove programming and are really enjoying the classes we are putting out for you.  The balance of warming up, strength, workouts, and flow just feels right and we are able to get a lot of individual coaching in and end a few minutes before the end of the hour almost every class.  Those things coupled with the level’s have been working great to give everyone the right workout for them.  We do have to give a huge shout out to Lauren for this last cycle – she took all of the great feedback we received over the last few months and put it into a really fun, cohesive program.  She puts a ton of work into making the best class experience possible so make sure you give her props next time you see her.

Lauren and I sat down today and talked about what we wanted the next 15 weeks of programming to look like and I wanted to share what we have planned here.  We are currently in week 10 and are wrapping up the cycle this week.  Next week (11), we will be assessing two things – Front Squats on Tuesday and Upper Body Pull on Wednesday.  If you missed the initial assessment for these 2 things, this is your chance to get them in.  If you have already done them, this is a great chance to see your improvements!

The following week (12), we are going to take a little deload week.  You will still come in and get a great workout but we are going to focus more on static holds, medium strength weights, and work/rest ratios to make the workouts more restorative in nature.  This will be a perfect time for this deload week as most people have put in 11 weeks of hard work and also will have survived 4th of July week.  Come in and plan to move in the 70-80% range (or if you feel like you are ready to go, tackle them at 100%!).

After week 12, we will be starting a new 10 week cycle.  The level system has given us 15 defined focuses so we are going to have each cycle focus on 2 categories (it will hit all 15 categories but slant slightly towards improving those 2 categories specifically).  It also has allowed us to be able to see where we are weak and strong as a group in the gym.  The focus for this next cycle will be Squat Endurance and Upper Body Push.  The level system has definitely shown us that as a group we are lacking upper body push strength – especially for strict pushups for reps!

We also finalized the strength template for the next cycle:
1.  Squat Endurance Day
2.  Max Effort (heavy) Squat Day
3.  Lower Body Pull Day – RDLs, Sumo Deadlift, Bent Rows
4.  Upper Body Push Day – Bench Press, Push Press, Floor Press
5.  Gymnastics Day – similiar to push pull day – rope climbs, pull-ups, push-ups, pistols, HSPUs
6.  Max Effort (heavy) Weightlifting Day
7.  Barbell Cycling Weightlifting Day

These will be the 7 strength days that we will be rotating through for the next 10 week cycle.

After we finish this 10 week cycle, we will be doing a full assessment across 3 weeks on all 15 categories on the Level Method chart.  This will be an amazing opportunity to see where you have improved, make up any assessments you have missed, and see where you need to focus going forward.  Last time, we tackled the assessments after 2 weeks and it was a sprint.  This time we will do it over 3 weeks which will give us time to mix it in with other workouts and program around it.

That’s the plan for the next 15 weeks!  We are so excited to continue this programming and for you to feel yourself getting stronger and feeling healthier!  If you ever have any compliments (love those), suggestions, or issues – don’t hesitate to email me tommy@hygge.fit