A lot of time when I put together blog posts, I am just sharing a conversation I had with a member who has a problem they are trying to solve.  The other posts usually come from my personal experiences.

The last few weeks I finally got back in the swing of working out and was able to get in 3-4 days a week, even while having a really crazy work schedule.  Then this week, I am 0-3 so far, so I sat down and thought about what changed.  It was really simple:

The last few weeks I set my schedule for working out on Sunday – I was going to work out Monday at 10 AM, Tuesday and Wednesday at 4:30 PM, and Friday at 8 AM.  Before you judge my work out times to be during the day – my schedule is flipped of most people with our busiest work times being early morning and late nights.

Just by making the schedule up, I was setting myself up to actually do them.  Yes, sometimes things came up and I had to move the class time – but even then it was easier once I committed to working out on that day.

This week – I planned nothing.  I knew I had a million things to do and just decided that I will make it happen and guess what?  I didn’t.  Which is even crazier when you realize I am an extreme case as I am literally at the gym all day, but because I didn’t set the time and day I wanted to workout – I never walked into a class and did it.

Are you having trouble getting into the gym consistently?  Sit down on Sunday and write down the days and times you plan to workout.  It really works.