Judy has been a member at medford since we opened.  At her previous gym before she moved she was a coach that specialized with the female masters population and you can quickly tell why – she brings an energy and positivity to every class that is infectious. She also has a tendency to give out the best compliments (sometimes even in the middle of a workout).  We asked Judy to fill out the member spotlight because she is a Medford treasure we want everyone to know about.  She also comes to Mount Laurel on 8 AM on Fridays so make sure you say hi to her if you see her!


  1. When did you first hear about Hygge and what was your first experience like?  I heard about Hygge from someone at another gym. I tried several places before finding my place here.
  2. What is your normal class time? I am a 9am regular at the Medford location but have recently started venturing out to Mt Laurel with my girl Bridget for the 8am on Fridays.
  3. What is your favorite thing about Hygge?  I seriously don’t even know where to start! Being part of a gym is so important to me. I have found the most genuine people and formed the most meaningful connections through years of doing CrossFit. Last summer our family moved here to NJ. This was not an expected or welcomed move (no offense to all you natives! I know you have the shore, and Philly, and delicious pizza, etc.). We left our oldest son back in North Carolina for college and moved up with our two high schoolers.  Leaving behind an incredible community of gym pals in NC, I quickly began my search for a new gym home. Nothing clicked. I had literally stopped even trying to work out and quickly started putting on weight because I like to eat when I’m sad and I was really sad so I ate a lot (and I promise it was not broccoli and chicken).  Once our son went back to college after Christmas break I knew I needed to figure something out #becausechristmascookies so I scheduled my no sweat intro with Jenna on January 14 and have been coming 5x/week since.  Here’s why I decided to stay at Hygge: Jenna and her gorgeous warm smile made me feel instantly welcomed and wanted. There was never any judgment or expectation other than to show up and do my individual best. The other people in class were so inclusive and encouraging that I honestly never felt like the new girl. I finally found a gym community where I could get a GREAT workout, but more importantly, a place where I felt a sense of belonging and friendship. So now NJ has the shore, Philly, pizza AND Hygge!!
  4. What is your favorite post workout meal?  I work out at 9 and usually run all my #momlife errands right after class so it’s either going to be a Perfect Bar or a Justin’s Peanut Butter Cup from the check out at Whole Foods. Don’t judge, you haven’t lived if you’re still eating Reese’s.
  5. Sock game – ankle, mid, or high?  Any prints?  I tend to be rather boring as far as wardrobe goes and that includes my socks. Ankle high unless we’re doing rope climbs in summer. Then I wear knee high. Hum-drum.
  6. What is your favorite hobby?  I just picked up crotchet and have been making blankets for all my people. I also love to bake. I also love spending time with the people I love and will drop everything to have a cup of coffee or a glass of wine with a friend.
  7. Who is someone that inspires you at the gym (not a coach)? Okay, so if you’ve visited the Medford location at 9am you will know why it is actually not possible to even answer this question the way it is asked. There is not just ONE person that inspires me. It is that whole entire squad of unbelievably strong and supportive super stars that make me want to get to the gym every day. These people have also become part of my life outside the gym and I could not be more grateful for that. Not trying to sound like a Hallmark card here, it’s just the truth. Sap and all, #sorrynotsorry
  8. What is your next goal you hope to accomplish?  I am super close to power cleaning a pair of 45s! I’ll have Renee document it because if there’s no picture, it didn’t happen
  9. You have lived in a ton of places (including outside the US), tell us a little about where you have been and how it has shaped you as a person.  I was born and raised in Chile and then moved to Germany as a teenager. I also spent a year in Ecuador and as an adult have lived in England and several states here in the US. Having lived mostly in South America during my formative years definitely had a huge part in who I am as and adult. There are some things that are innate to the fabric of a born-and-bred American that are just plain lost on me, but the biggest thing I think I took away from my childhood experience is the importance of enjoying the moment. Americans in general (again, no offense to you natives!) seem to be in a rush all the time and for all the things. It’s a pitty to be in such a hurry that we miss the little moments and the amazing people we come in contact with every day just doing life. The opportunities to connect with other people are everywhere and our lives would be so much richer for stopping long enough to notice and engage once in a while.
  10. What is your spirit animal and why?  I had to get help on this one because what even is a spirit animal?! My spirit animal, according to Tommy and Ree, is a sloth. Not sure why, you’ll have to ask them