Brian (Winnie) has been at the gym since the days back on Gaither Drive.  Over his time at Hygge we have gotten to see him blossom into a beautiful butterfly as he has gotten engaged, married, and now has a daughter during his time here.  It has also been really fun to watch him improve his muscle-ups and go from hitting them inconsistently to hitting mutliple reps in workouts.

When did you first hear about Hygge and what was your first experience like?
Back in the Groupon days; Spring 2012. I remember Matt Baran rowing like the animal he is.

 2.  What is your normal class time? 
6 AM (7 AM on Saturday…you know what they say, early bird gets to watch sports and work on the lawn sooner)

3.  What is your favorite thing about Hygge?  Love the interaction with the other members in class, as well as, the coaches.  The atmosphere is addicting and has such a positive impact on the rest of my day.

4.  What is your favorite post workout meal?  Homemade western omelet by @natwinnie with a side Total Cereal, and a cold brew coffee BLACK.

5.  Sock game – ankle, mid, or high?  Any prints?  Just over the ankle, Black Nike’s, with the white swoosh.  No brainer.

6.  What do you do for a living? 
Mortgage Underwriter at Citizens Bank.  Need a help qualifying for a mortgage?  Call Ken Bone.

7.  What accomplishment are you most proud of (inside or outside the gym)? 
In-gym accomplishment would be first time I did a ring/bar muscle up and when I got the hang of double unders.  Outside of gym would no doubt be our daughter, Bella <3

8.   Who is someone that inspires you at the gym (not a coach)?  Mrs. Winnie (both).  The OG, and the newly appointed. Two incredibly strong women that I look up to (not literally, only figuratively) and love so much.  Aw!

9.  What is your next goal you hope to accomplish?  Really focusing on my career right now and taking the next step forward, whatever direction that may be. Suggestions welcomed.

10.  Why is wrestling so lameIs this a trick question?  Pass.

11.  What is your spirit animal and why?  Ursus arctos middendorffi (google it)

12.  If you were stuck on a deserted Island and had to bring one person from the 6 AM class, who are you bringing and why?  No questions asked. They are all coming with me to this forsaken island.  That includes you Joanne!  (Joann? JoAnne? Jo-Ann?  So many variations).  Only request would be if we’re counting reps for any reason that Tom is in charge, so we have more time to work on our tans.