Let’s say you start a new workout program and you get 2 months in and you just aren’t seeing the results you want (whether that is getting stronger, losing weight, or anything else).  At this point we usually get frustrated, self-sabotage ourself more and end up feeling lost.  So I wanted to put together a simple 3 step plan to do if you feel like you aren’t getting results.

1.  Think about your WHY for working out.,  You why is the driving force and the reason you initially started a new workout plan.  Maybe you started working out because you had constant back pain and your WHY was to move pain free or maybe your kids are getting bigger and you want to be strong enough to throw them around.  Maybe you want to go to compete in running, bodybuilding competitions, or Crossfit competitions.  Often when we are most frustrated, we lose sight of our WHY for working out.  You may have joined the gym to lose a little body fat and gain more confidence but then developed a new goal to get a first strict pull-up.  While you have lost some body fat and are feeling more confident you are obsessing over the progress towards your pull-up and it’s leading you to feel letdown.  Remembering your WHY can allow you to realize you are getting the results you want and to enjoy the process working towards that pull up.  A WHY is a powerful thing so if you don’t have one, think about it now – why you do you workout?  My WHY is because I want to keep being active until I am dead.  Spending my later years immobile really scares me and I believe that moving now will help me to avoid that.

2.  Take an honest accounting of what effort you have been putting into reaching your goals.  Sometimes we do a goal review with someone and they are super frustrated and feel like they should be progressing more.  Then they talk about how they got sick for a week last month, had a week vacation 2 weeks ago, and haven’t been in consistently in between.  This is actually more normal than you think – we focus on what we are doing and what the result is and forget about what happened in between those things.  In addition to working out, make sure you also consider nutrition, sleep, and stress.  If you feel like you would like help taking accounting of what you are doing, feel free to ask one of the coaches to help you walk through whats been going well and what hasn’t.  A lot of times you will realize one area where you are deficient and if you clean it up, the results start coming in – a common one is people who are working out 3-5x a week consistently and seeing small improvements, then we clean up some of their nutrition and everything changes.

3.  Remember that progress is never linear.  We like to think of progress as a straight line, consistent and noticeable improvement.  Instead it ebbs and flows – we have days, weeks, and even months of great progress mixed in with days, weeks, months of small progress (and sometimes little steps back).  This is called living life and the goal is to keep your progressing over the long term.  If you are hitting a point where working out and your nutrition isn’t a priority then adjust your expectations – be happy when you can get in and understand that it’s keeping you on track and working out will be able to become a priority again sometime in the future.  By setting your expectations to what you can reasonable to, you can have a mindset shift that sets you up for success within your current situation.