This week’s member spotlight is on Viel.  I really wanted to share V’s story because she came in with very specific goals and it has been fun to watch her crush those goals and then work towards something new.  V initially came to Hygge to continue her recovery from ACL surgery and build up her strength in her legs and she crushed it.  Her single leg metrics showed a huge improvement when she started working with us!  She also does Karate which I think is pretty cool!

  1. When did you first hear about Hygge and what was your first experience like? My husband, George, first started with Hygge late 2017 after a referral by our good friend, Chris (has it been that long?!?). I started in September 2018. My first class was with Coach Dana, and I felt extremely supported with my knee limitations.
  2. What is your normal class time? I’m a “floater” between MTL and CH, usually taking 9am classes.
  3. What is your favorite thing about Hygge? I love the coaches! They always promote such a positive culture, and everyday, they give you personalized instruction, motivation, and even just a “Hey, how’s Blue (our dog)?”
  4. What is your favorite post workout meal? Eggs, riced cauliflower with garlic seasoning, and additional carbs to go with that (if you haven’t heard, I LOVE rice!)
  5. Sock game – ankle, mid, or high? Any prints?  Hmmm…I struggle with doing laundry, let alone matching socks. But I do have a Pikachu-print ankle sock.
  6. What do you do for a living? I’m a Technical Support Specialist for a medical lab device company. Now try asking the same question to my husband, and see what he says 😀
  7. What accomplishment are you most proud of (inside or outside the gym)? Two of my initial goals since joining Hygge was to finally be cleared from physical therapy, and to take classes with my husband (since we used to train together before I had ACL surgery). Goals CHECKED!
  8. Crossfit has made my life easier because . . There’s something about being a part of a community where individuals not only accomplish great things for themselves, but to also cheer each other on. It bleeds into all areas of your life, wherever and whenever.
  9. What is your next goal you hope to accomplish?  Strict pullups #fitnessgoals