I have recently noticed a rise in companies that are writing out programming that gyms can pay for and use.  Programming for those that don’t know is basically the entire workout program comprised of workouts to get you your results.  It sounds simple but there is so much to consider when writing programming – is it enjoyable, does it balance out the body correctly, does it get results, variety, how much back volume is in a week, how much shoulder volume, and so on.

I am no stranger to selling programming as a few years ago I used to package and sell our programming to other gyms, complete with suggestions on how to run class.  It was great because not everyone is educated in writing great programming so it allowed me to share my knowledge with them.  I also think it’s great that companies are beginning to sell programming and instructions on how to run a class because it can only help to improve their class experience for gyms that don’t have the time or understanding to create their own.

At Hygge, we will always write our own programming.  I think it allows us to do 3 things really well.

  1.  It allows us to have intention behind everything that we do and to share it with you.  We know exactly why we are doing every exercise, what the warm-up is designed to do, and what the stimulus is we want for each workout.  This is because we designed it ourselves and it allows us to share so much knowledge about the why behind what you are doing.  No one is going to know the intention behind the programming better than the person who wrote it and we spend a portion of every weekly meeting with all of the coaches discussing the whys behind each thing.  We also know the complete programming and what’s coming in the future (a lot of programming companies release a week at a time) so we can tell you what goal we are working towards in the future.  We believe this allows us to share a wealth of information with you which allows you to get the most out of your training.
  2. We can align our programming goals with our members goals.  While it may seem like every gym has a similar composition, they can be way different.  I have been to a Crossfit gym where the majority of their demographic is powerlifters and solely into doing powerlifting competitions.  I have also been to the drastic opposite where every workout was an endurance workout that was 45 minutes of straight movement.  We are constantly listening to our members at the quarterly goal reviews and it allows us to create programming that lines up with what our members want.  Also, we make sure the programming fits our space, our equipment, and our class sizes for a seamless experience.  Because we write our own programming, it is designed for you and from the feedback we get from you.
  3. We can constantly improve it.  We are constantly looking to improve the class experience in anyway possible.  We focus heavily on how long certain pieces take and try to hit this delicate balance where we effectively use the whole hour but also have a class flow that feels comfortable.  We also are able to take new training techniques and research training principles and put them right into the programming  as we write it, instead of waiting for programming written by someone else to evolve.  We believe that programming is an evolving thing that can always be improved or shifted to better fit your members needs.  By writing our own, we are able to continue to improve the programming a little bit each week.

We take great pride in our programming and class experience and love talking about it.  My goal is to start recording a weekly podcast and one of the podcasts I am looking forward to sitting down with Lauren so we can jam about all the things we consider when writing programming and how we make it all work!