1. When did you first hear about Hygge and what was your first experience like?  I first heard about Hygge through another member of the gym. My first experience was comforting and enjoyable because the coaches were welcoming and explained everything in detail. After going to a class I realized that Hygge was the place I wanted to keep going to.
2. What is your normal class time?  My normal class time is 430 pm
3. What is your favorite thing about Hygge?  My favorite thing about Hygge is the members and coaches. I love how its not just a “one hour a day” relationship and that there is mutual support inside and outside of the gym. Coaches and members alike not only talk about what is going on for the day, but ask about what goes on outside of the gym, which makes it feel like a family.
4. What is your favorite post workout meal?  My favorite post workout meal is chicken pesto with tomato… yum
5. Sock game – ankle, mid, or high? Any prints?  Ankle socks with dog prints (labs, corgis, schnauzers, dachshunds *as hot dogs*, to name a few)
6. What do you do for a living?  I am a Technical Service Scientist for a local pharmaceutical company. I qualify injectable pharmaceutical manufacturing machines to ensure they run properly.
7. What accomplishment are you most proud of (inside or outside the gym)?  My biggest accomplishment so far has been completing a 15 foot rope climb. The ropes were extremely scary at first but there was no better feeling than getting the first one ever. Now I’m working up to 2 full ones in a row!
8. Crossfit has made my life easier because . .  Crossfit has made my life easier because I now have more strength to lift at home and at work. Now I can lift heavier objects on my own which makes me feel strong and powerful and shows that the work put in at the gym is applicable to real life.
9. What is your next goal you hope to accomplish?  My next goal I hope to accomplish is to perform a strict pull up!