Hometown – Neptune, NJ
How did you get into Crossfit? – I was simply going through motions with free weights and treadmills.  Having played sports my entire life and all through college at a high level, functional training was much more challenging.   My old gym, the Aquatic & Fitness Center, started their own little community, CrossFit Bala.  We started tossing tires, swinging kettle bells and push/pulling sleds on the basketball court.  Their program started to evolve from there and I’ve been committed ever since.
Whats your favorite thing about Crossfit Hygge?  – Each cycle, each class always has a fundamental focus.  You won’t find a greater group coaches that always take an interest in your personal well being.
Whats a lift/WOD you’ll never skip?  – For some reason, I tend to miss most “snatch” days by accident.
What’s your food kryptonite?  – Doritos
What’s your favorite non-lifting related hobby?  – Raising my 2yr old son, Connor
What is one thing about you that no one at the gym knows? – I poked my ear drum out with a Q-tip when I was in the 4th Grade playing Blades of Steel/Nintendo and had to have reconstructive ear drum surgery.
What song gets your pumped? – Training Montage/Rocky IV
Whats a 2018 goal (Crossfit or life)? – Stay fit and healthy so I can keep up with my son
What words of wisdom would you share with a new athlete? – Whether it is personally or professionally, the secret to success is in the dirt