Hometown – Medford Lakes, NJ

How did you get into Crossfit? – I was one of the very first members of Crossfit Medford when they first opened about 6 or 7 years ago. I only lasted about 6 months before I quit because of various injuries, but I got decent exposure to what Crossfit was about. Last year, I kept seeing Crossfit Hygge because the MTL location is very close to my work office. I knew that I really needed to get in shape but was hesitant to try another Crossfit gym because at 45 years old, I was concerned about injuries happening again. After exchanging emails with Dana, I felt confident that the Coaches and programming at Crossfit Hygge would get me strong and keep me as safe as possible from injuries. I could tell right away that Hygge was for me because of how much knowledge and dedication the Coaches displayed in my first few classes. They helped me scale and get some wins early which boosted my confidence.

Whats your favorite thing about Crossfit Hygge?  The overall vibe at Hygge is awesome. The Coaches are constantly perfecting their craft and I always see little improvements happening. Whether it’s new equipment, new supplements, or creative tweaks to programming – it all shows me that a lot of thought and planning go into making us better athletes.  Also, the diverse group of athletes create a really fun, supportive culture. I’ve met so many great people since I joined last October. The balance of support, competitveness, and fun is perfect for me.

Whats a lift/WOD you’ll never skip?  Lately for me it’s been all about cleans and snatches. I feel like my mechanics and muscle engagement are really starting to come together. It’s motivating to know each session I’m getting better and able to add more weight safely. There’s nothing like getting a small cue from a Coach that makes my lift more efficient and I see that immediate gratification, right on the spot.

What’s your food kryptonite?  Primo Bada Boom Hoagie. I usually get one twice per month when I feel like I could use a calorie boost or I’m just craving bread.

What’s your favorite non-lifting related hobby? It’s probably a tie between basketball (which I play every Sunday morning) and Standup Paddleboarding.

What is one thing about you that no one at the gym knows? I actually have a background in yoga and I received a certification to teach about 11 years ago. My wife and I did a lot of yoga together in college and when we first got married 15 years ago. It led to me being a certified teacher. Unfortunately, it coincided with us having our first child and I never really pursued teaching but I have a pretty good understanding of anatomy now and it’s helped my Crossfit and recovery.

What song gets your pumped?  Eminem Til I Collapse. It’s a short song and helps me grind out the last couple of minutes of a run or Paddleboard session.