What is HYGGEFit


Is Hyggefit for me?


Never picked up a barbell or have no idea what a barbell is?

If you commit to putting in the work, we can show you the way. Our coaches get that everyone has a different starting point, and can modify workouts to fit your ability.

Have an athletic background and want to get faster, more efficient at (insert sport here)?

Our coaches work with a lot of athletes, helping them balance training for their sport and using CrossFit as an effective cross-training tool.

Already lift?

Our coaches are schooled in Olympic lifting, aerobic conditioning, body mechanics, injury prevention and rehab, nutrition and sports psychology. Aka, we’re the full package.

Nursing an injury or physical restrictions?

We can help get you moving. Our coaches are very in tune to each athlete’s abilities, and work with our athlete’s individually to modify workouts to rehab injuries or work with certain physical restrictions. We can put together separate workout plans, and connect you to our wide network of physical therapists, chiropractors and other health professionals. Your well-being is our main focus.

First day jitters?

Trying something new is hard. It’s okay to be nervous. We’ve all been there. That’s why your first class is free. And that’s why we pair you up with your very own coach for the first class. We’ll show you the ropes, help with new movements and answer all your questions.

It gets easier. You start to feel good. You make new friends. You notice a pep in your step in and out of the gym. Life is good.

No Sweat Intro

Trying something new is hard. We get it. That's why we're making this easy.

Set up your 30-minute No Sweat Intro, and check out what we're about. No sweat, no pressure. It'll give us a chance to meet, talk about your fitness and nutrition goals, and answer any questions. It's all about making sure that Hygge.fit is the right fit for you.

Choose which location where you would like to begin your No Sweat Intro