Meet Lauren



Full-time Coach / Specialty: Movement Assessment

M.S. Exercise Science
CrossFit L-1
CrossFit L-2
USAW Level 1
USAW Level 2
CrossFit Weightlifting
CrossFit Kids

I have loved sports and being active my entire life. I was never the most talented athlete, but I love to work hard and train hard, putting the time in necessary to improve. In college, I thought I would end up becoming a teacher or a lawyer, but at that time, my father’s health was deteriorating. He had congestive heart failure and had a transplant Sept. 11, 2001. As a result, I decided that I would follow my heart and do something in the field of Exercise Science. In graduate school, I discovered strength and conditioning, and I have never looked back. I have been in strength and conditioning since then, and I love working with athletes of all ages and ability levels. I found CrossFit through Olympic Weightlifting – somewhat backwards from most people. CrossFit is the best of strength and conditioning all in one place. I love the weightlifting element of CrossFit, but I also love how all of the major elements of CrossFit (weightlifting, gymnastics and metabolic conditioning) relate to one another. I love to find a skill and develop it, which is why CrossFit is so appealing to me and it leaves me constantly trying to improve as an athlete and a coach. My favorite part of coaching is seeing people conquer things they never thought possible. Anyone can CrossFit, no matter what thier background or ability level. The CrossFit community is something that can be adequately explained until you experience it. I encourage everyone to try it, no matter the age or ability level. You will challenge yourself and discover the strength that you did not know existed. And there will be other cheering you on every step of the way, experiencing the highs and lows by your side.

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My favorite things:

  • Hygge baseball tee: When I came to Hyggefit, the path of my life dramatically changed. It was the best decision that I have ever made to work for Tommy. This place has become my second home, and I cannot imagine my life without it. I have never been surrounded by so many awesome people! It represents the members, the other coaches, and I love baseball t’s!
  • Engagement ring: Tom is my person, my rock, my soon to be husband. This ring means so much to me – love, unconditional support, and our life together. He makes my life so much better.
  • Strongfit muscle tank: I love muscle tanks, and this one was a gift from one of our coaches. I am currently doing a mentorship with Strongfit, and since I discovered these training principles, I have become a better coach, athlete and person. I love the Strongfit Women tank because Julien is such a huge supporter of women and all that Crossfit has done to show the strength of women around the world.
  • Phone: I am partly ashamed that this is one of my favorite things, but I definitely feel lost without my phone. I can keep in touch with family since they live in Virginia or Maryland, communicate with athletes, co-workers, and friends. It is a love/hate because social media can be draining, but it is amazing to be able to keep in touch with people I otherwise would rarely see.
  • Lululemon fast and free tights: I am honored to be a lululemon ambassador, and these were the first lululemon pants that I owned. They are great products to work out in, whether I am doing Crossfit, weightlifting or Strongfit. I love what the company stands for as well. They are so supportive of their ambassadors and communities, which inspires me to be more active in our community.
  • Nike lifters: Weightlifting was my first love before Hyggefit, and these Nike lifters are my favorite lifting shoe. They are worn, reminding me of all the lifts that are possible with the shoes. I bought these from a friend of mine to replace my first pair of Romaleos. So they remind me of her as well as how much I love weigthlifting.
  • Zevia seltzer: I love seltzer water, and zevia is perfect when I want something different to drink. I drink a ton of water, so it’s nice to change it up. And this is like a treat to me because it is just sweet enough.
  • It Starts with Why A friend and mentor, Larry Friedman, gave me this book to read a few years ago. Larry is one of the most inspiring people I have ever met, and he helped me find the courage to discover my full potential. I am still on that path, but if it weren’t for him, I would never have read this book, or thought about my purpose in life. If you haven’t read this book yet, go out and get it! Listen to Simon Sinek’s Ted talks, or read anything that he posts. I LOVE his content! This book ignited a fire in me to not only find my own voice and potential, but also help others find their own.