Owner / Coach

CrossFit L-1
USAW Level 1 Sports Performance Coach
Freestyle Connection Movement Seminar

The first person I ever trained had a bad back due to herniated disks from a car accident, diagnosed short hamstrings (thanks, doc), weak painful wrists and unremarkable strength (read: none). In fact, I was happy just to complete a workout using the training bar. Yes, my first “client” was myself, and I learned so much just trying to fix my own issues. I spent hours pouring over information on mobility, flexibly, proper form and rehab principles because I wanted to become more athletic and move better in everyday life.

My eye was always on the future. I asked myself, “If I have a bad back now, what will it be like when I am 40?” I saw strength and conditioning as a gateway for people to do the thing they enjoy. Things like: picking up your kids, hiking through the woods, or scoring the game-winning goal. I dreamed up Hyggefit as a community of people who felt the same way, and I have been luck enough to turn that dream into a reality. Along the way, Hyggefit has done more than just fix my back. It has made me productive in everyday life, allowed me to surround myself with great people, and even given me a six pack. It is amazing how your outlook on everything can change from just 5 hours a week working out.

I have accumulated thousands of hours teaching people proper weightlifting mechanics and positioning. The foundation of Hyggefit is form and technique before intensity and weight. You will see that in effect at Hyggefit today. I truly love helping everyone achieve things never dreamed possible. Watching someone conquer jumping on top of the 20 in box or kick into a handstand for the first time is what I look forward to every day.

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My favorite things:

  • Star Wars – The Star Wars world is one of my favorite thing, I love when a new movie comes out because I get to act like a kid for a few hours again.  If you’re a Star Wars fan I am about to throw out a few unpopular truths – the prequels are not as bad as everyone says, Rogue One is the best Star Wars movie, and the best viewing order for a first timer is chronological order – the prequels, Rogue One, the originals, then 7 and 8.
  • This is Ground Case – This is definitely the most expensive thing I own, but it keeps my life together.  It holds my IPad Pro (my work computer), a notebook for all my random thoughts, a pen, charging cables, headphones, and anything else really important that I don’t need on me at all times.  Plus when I walk into a meeting in gym clothes I look somewhat business like with my sweet leather case.
  • Rock Climbing Shoes – I went to Towson University in Maryland and the gym had a full rock climbing room attached to it as well as a bouldering room down the hall and I fell in love with bouldering.  Rock climbing has a lot in common with Hyggefit – its a very humbling sport, you fail a lot, and you are constantly surrounded by good people.  The biggest thing in common though is the feeling you get as your hard work pays off and you can see yourself tangibly improving.
  • Fisher Space Pen – This pen will last 100 years and you can use it anywhere – underwater, on the moon, below freezing, in boiling temperatures, upside down, it can write an any angle, and was used in the Apollo 7 mission and during a climb to Everest.  I just use it at my desk, but you never know.
  • Reebok Legacy Lifters – My first lifters were the original Reebok lifting shoes that were designed so you could do workouts in them.  As they started to fall apart I realized I only ever wear my lifting shoes for the strengths, so I upgraded to these bad boys and I love them (other than being white – I scuffed those things on the first day and gave up).  You definitely don’t need lifting shoes to lift, but they make lifting with good mechanics just a little bit easier.
  • Farneheight 451 – I really like to read and this is my all time favorite book.  It is a super quick read and every time I get through it, I take something slightly different from the book.  You will walk away from this book with a smile on your face and a racing brain behind it.  I also recently finished some of the Sherlock Holmes books and highly suggest those to anyone who likes to read or has seen the movies – the books are so delightful and fun to read.
  • Super Nintendo – I grew up on Nintendo and I still love their games.  This past Christmas my brother got me the Super Nintendo classic and it was such a flashback to the past.  I also recently picked up the Nintendo Switch and I don’t think Zelda, Mario, and Donkey Kong will ever get old to me.