Full-time Coach / Specialty: Nutrition

A.A. Health and Physical Education
B.S Public Health
Crossfit L-1
Crossfit Movement and Mobility
Crossfit Olympic Weightlifting
Opex CCP Level 1- Assessment, Program Design, Nutrition, Life Coaching, Business
Kabuki Movement Systems
Opex Athlete Camp 2013/2016
Power Monkey Olympic Lifting/ Gymnastics Workshop

As one of 4 growing up I was always part of a team or competing in something. It didn’t matter if it was pick up sports in the backyard, board games after dinner, or some video game; we were competing and we were all together. This led me to pursue a college sport and I was able to enjoy 2 seasons of Jr. college tennis while I completed my A.A. in health and physical education. Right around the time I was graduating from Stockton University I decided go out for a run and I found myself crawling along and my whole body was hurting after only a mile. At 23 I knew this was bad news and I had to do something about it. Enter Crossfit.

A running injury initially brought me into the crossfit gym. I had ramped up my running miles and found out that I was very imbalanced in my strength and honestly not strong at all. I instantly became hooked on the variety of skills I got to learn. I loved the fact that I could do so well on workouts with running and light exercises. On the flip side I would be dead last on the heavy workouts and that motivated me to learn how to get strong. It was this drive to be stronger and better that got me started helping others to do the same.

In 2012 I went for my Cf Level 1 certification and I haven’t looked back. I have been a full time coach ever since and I don’t think there is a more rewarding job out there! I love going to “work” everyday and getting to help people make a change in their day, their health, and ultimately their whole life! One of my core philosophies as a coach is to have efficacy, the ability to make a change. If I don’t have the right tools or technique to help someone I have to go find someone who does and learn from them.

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