Full-time Coach / Specialty: Gymnastics

CrossFit L-1

I have always been the person to find something new and pour my whole heart into it and to completely buy into.  I really enjoy the challenge and the process of learning something I know nothing about and the journey to getting a little better each day.

I started with gymnastics when I was really young.  I poured everything I had into 9 years of rigorous training and intense competitions up to a National level and fell in love with the sport.  After gymnastics, I put everything into lacrosse. I started lacrosse in middle school and it took me all the way through college. I even got to play overseas once I graduated.  With both gymnastics and lacrosse I always felt like I had a shelf life for my “all-in” mentality; I knew it wasn’t sustainable and would eventually run out.

Then after graduating college and looking for the next thing to dive into, I accidentally found Crossfit.  There I was again, pouring every moment of free time into the gym and taking every chance to read and learn more about Crossfit and movement itself.  I was able to constantly meet new people who loved the same thing and I got to share how great it was with people who didn’t know anything about Crossfit.  I loved the community, the process, and everything about it. I even got my Level 1 just to learn more about what made Crossfit, Crossfit, and was then asked to coach for my gym at the time. I was thrilled.  The shelf life on Crossfit was not running out.

I took “real jobs” a few years later after caving from the pressure of those around me.  First, working in NYC and hating it. Then working to open a large chain gym in my area and hating it. Thankfully my main gym and Crossfit were always there, still burning a hole in my career-pocket.  I decided then and there that I was going to make this my life. Anything that sticks around, through every kind of shift in life, must mean something. And that’s when I found

I firmly believe that by spending an hour in the gym for that one class a day, it will impact everything else in your life in the most positive way.  Part of this is from surrounding yourself with like minded people who are willing to work hard, even though we all have different personal goals. Even though it is only an hour a day at the gym, I can guarantee that your overall quality of life will change for the better. is the place where that can happen and to me that has no shelf life.

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